Wine Tasting at White Point Beach Resort

Donna Hatt Convention Manager
Several times a year White Point Beach Resort in Nova Scotia, Canada has a "Wine Tasting" Event. The quotes are because it is not just about the wine. The most important thing is that each tasting raises funds for a worthwhile charity. The "Wine Tasting" is a bit of a misnomer. I was there in Feburary 2011 and there was also; sushi, ribs, chicken, crab, lobster, scotch, rum, beer, vodka, wiskey, coolers. You get the idea. 

 Chef Allen Crosby ensures that there is a favorite food for everyone and more than enough food to go around. (The last two years I had to forego supper as I didn't want to be too full to enjoy all the finger food.

 The food was so good that I overheard two gentlemen discussing the merits of wearing maternity pants (the ones with the stretch panel in the front) to this event. 
Chef Crosby regularly provides classes on cooking. I was able to sit in on a BBQ course where he demonstrated cooking a pizza on the BBQ as well as shrimp, vegetables, ribs (of course) and planked salmon. Once the food is cooked, you get to sample it. This weekend can foster up some of the seven deadly sins. (Gluttony leaps to mind.) The Chef keeps the food coming all night and each serving is as good or better than the last. You know that you're full but you just have to try this next thing, oh, and that thing, and, and, and..........
There are many wine represenatives at this event and it is not just Nova Scotia wines. There are Argentinian, South African, Spanish, Canadian wines from the Niagara region, California wines. There is a wine for every palete from the very sweet ice wines and late harvests to the very dry Valpolicella and Riselings. You don't like a wine you toss it and look elsewhere. You love it; then you have a second glass.

If wine is not your cup of tea then there is beer aplenty and several microbreweries are here showing their wares.

If your tastes run toward the breath of life otherwise known as single malts wiskey. They too, are here! But here they serve it up with style.

The dress is what you feel comfortable in. That may be jeans or a gown.

After the evening is done, the results tallied, there is a charity who benefits. This years charity was the Astor Theater of Liverpool. They received a cheque inthe amount of $3,100. In a small town that is a huge windfall.

The next Wine Tasting event is this May 7, 2011 raising monies for the Make a Wish Foundation (c). So check it out, enjoy a weekend away, destress, and support a wonderful charity.


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