We just arrived home from a vacation on the Myan Riveria, Mexico. We were at the Gran Sunset Princess All Suites resort. After booking and looking at the tripadvisor reviews I was concerned. A large number of reviews were negative. They complained about the beds (I agree they were a bit overly firm.) the staff being surly, lazy and every other negative adjective; Never saw any evidence of that but did see lots of evidence of the polar opposite. The reviewers complained about many, many people slipping and falling. We saw one 8 year old girl running and slipping but that would happen anywhere. The complaints about the food also unfounded.  Food was top notch. So this leads me to wonder why people write negative reviews when there are no negatives??. Loved the place and I hardily endorse it. (It is a huge resort so if you have mobility issues be forewarned.)

Photos can be found at :


The moral of the story is that you have to take everything you read with a grain of salt. Even this post. I loved it you may go down and be unhappy there. (Grumpy Cat probably would hate it.)



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