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Fall Colors

The splendor of fall, right at your doorstep. Here in Nova Scotia you need not dust off the credit card to afford a trip through the blaze of fall. If you live in Halifax most trips can be can be done as a one-tank trip. Some of us drive by scenes that we really should be stopping to capture. As an example how many people here in HRM drive by Shubi Park, Hemlock Ravine, Point Pleasant Park, Miller Lake, or Mt Uniack House?
Cape Breton has the Festival Of Colors during the first part of October where you can spend your days looking at or photographing the colors, participating in workshops and in the evening putting ‘er up at several Celidhs – The Cape Breton version of a huge kitchen party.
The reason we get the spectacular color show is because we get warm days and crisp nights as the summer turns to fall. The leaves that have been shading us all summer have the colors in them the whole time; the colors were just hidden by the green chlorophyll in the leaf. As the chlorophy…
Wine Tasting at White Point Beach Resort Several times a year White Point Beach Resort in Nova Scotia, Canada has a "Wine Tasting" Event. The quotes are because it is not just about the wine. The most important thing is that each tasting raises funds for a worthwhile charity. The "Wine Tasting" is a bit of a misnomer. I was there in Feburary 2011 and there was also; sushi, ribs, chicken, crab, lobster, scotch, rum, beer, vodka, wiskey, coolers. You get the idea. 

 Chef Allen Crosby ensures that there is a favorite food for everyone and more than enough food to go around. (The last two years I had to forego supper as I didn't want to be too full to enjoy all the finger food.

 The food was so good that I overheard two gentlemen discussing the merits of wearing maternity pants (the ones with the stretch panel in the front) to this event.  Chef Crosby regularly provides classes on cooking. I was able to sit in on a BBQ course where he demonstrated cooking a pizza on …

Travel Safely

We all love to travel, it provides us with new locals to challenge our creativity. But if we travel outside our own state, province, county, or country how do we keep ourselves safe and healthy? One great peril to our safety is our camera gear itself! We all love to tell others how great and latest our gear is. This is what muggers and thieves are hoping for; us to identify the best stuff to steal. Use a camera backpack that does not look like a camera bag to lug your gear around in. I know that it is sacrilege but if you are in a high crime area at least cover your Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Mamiya, etc., logo with a bit of electrical tape to hide it. When you sit down to lunch place the leg of your chair through one of the loops of the bag, this prevents the grab and run. Use the room safe if you have one in your room. Another option is a backpack net that is sold at many backpacker stores it is made of wire and can be locked to stationary objects. Remember anyone can steal anything if the…